1989 Generation Initiative

1989 Generation Initiative

We want YOUR ideas on how the European Mission can best be redefined. At the end of this process, the most popular ideas from the Platform will be reconciled with the proposals from the June Conference and presented in a 'European Manifesto' at an event by end 2015.


A multilateral Green Investment Bank to finance the real economy and overcome the crisis.

English as a second working language

Single supervisory authority for capital markets

Strict reinforcement of the no-bailout clause

Fiscal flexibility and common employment insurance as a building block to fiscal union

Prioritise the completion & regular reviews to the new European Security Strategy

European satire and a different kind of European media

Personnel exchanges in media circles on path to pan-European media sphere

Intereuropean publicly financed Media

A European quality label for education and training programmes

Pan-European network of educators at all levels

Direct election of European Commission President

Stricter lobbying rules with mandatory registry at EU-level

"The Euro-Council" (national chamber concerned with implementing EU policy & regulation)

Personnel exchange between national and supranational parliaments

Replace ENP with a ‘cooperative framework’ that supports civil society

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