rasing aspiration and employability skills

rasing aspiration and employability skills

Firstly - well done on the theme of "think big" - this is exactly what we need. My observations are based on experience of working with young people in Llanelli over a long period. In a nutshell there is a "poverty of aspiration" - often borne from young people not understanding the skills needed for the modern labour market and not fully understanding the opportunities. I would like to see a real investment in preparing young people for work - combined with raising aspirations


Many young people lack motivation - largely because they cannot connect their learning to job opportunities. If you do not come from a family where high paid, high skills jobs are expected it is difficult to see the steps needed to achieve something. Many employers will tell you that they recruit on attitude and motivation and that these are often lacking. How about we join up employers and young people to raise expectations, raise skill levels, help employers to recruit and help the local

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