Pembrey Theme Park

Pembrey Theme Park

Pembrey is a dead space. Invest in a huge theme park, caravan park and you could have the biggest park in Britain never mind Wales. This idea was submitted by Andrew Danny Daniels via Lee's Facebook page and uploaded by a member of the team.


I would hate to see it turned into Oakwood - however some kind of eco-holiday park/Bluestone would be great along with the creation of a swimming lido and some "indoor" recreation facilities - you can only swim on the rare occasion that favourable tide times correlate with favourable weather and the jellyfish are swimming the other way! Also worst place on earth with kids in the rain!

First, please ask the Council to sort out the failed catering contract .... what the Park needs are decent facilities, thereby increasing jobs in the Park area. The current lack of any food/drink facilities is just a missed opportunity, as Bank Holidays and school holidays would generate more income and employment.

It is difficult to express how strongly I disagree with this idea. Green space where people can relax and exercise, and wildlife can prosper is not dead space. The country park was fought for by the local community to be used by the local community and by appreciative visitors. It is not the personal fiefdom of the County Council, or of private investors, for them to exploit for money-making ventures. Oakwood and Folly Farm are near at hand, to have another theme park so close would be foolish.

Pembrey is not a dead space, it is a popular spot for locals and visitors to the area to go to during both winter and summer. Some investment in facilities might be welcome though.

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