Business Incubator

Business Incubator

Fledgling businesses often have great ideas, but flounder when getting off the ground. A business incubator, with on-site support would be great for supporting new and emerging businesses to help then grow and set up shop on their own in other units in town.


It is essential to encourage local people (of whatever age -eg: 14 to 60) to create innovative "startups" and to support them so they can grow. I think that surprisingly there are many successful people locally who could help fledgling businesses. These will be people who are probably retired but who retain their skills and have bags of experience to pass on. Surprisingly the basic tenets of business do not change just the technology to deliver the results.

The opening statement is a factual reality and as implied the budding entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. Having experienced mentors is the key to successful incubation, but sadly not many capable people are available outside major cities. In Wales, there is an added dimension that needs addressing which is demand for the 'Essential Bilinguals' in the Welsh language context. This needs to end as more often than not, the Welsh speakers are employed before the competence! S

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