Llanelli Arts Festival

Llanelli Arts Festival

We have centuries of literary and cultural history in this part of Wales to tap into. South West Wales, Llanelli in particular, has some extremely talented artists, young writers, musicians and poets. All too often they have to travel out of the town to perform or display their work. How about starting a Llanelli Arts Festival, building on the work of the Llanelli Art Society and making the most of what we already have?


I am an artist living in Pembrey, and think an art trail, as mentioned by Tim Swain, would be a great addition to the area

An Arts Trail taking place over a fortnight or more (as active in other parts of Wales and UK) would be something to raise awareness of practising artists/crafters/photographers and stimulate joint projects and community interest. In addition, it would be an opportunity to signpost other interesting places in the area both to visitors from the local area and further afield, especially if artists opened their studios to visitors in towns and in more rural areas.

Additionally, activities could take place at, or be linked to particular sites ( Parc Howard/ Kidwelly Castle/Kidwelly museum/North Dock for example). It would take a fair bit of organising and commitment from all involved, but I have spoken to several people who would like to be involved, or would like to see something like this take off.

An Arts Festival is a great idea. Could incorporate literature into it as well. There's a wealth of talented people from Llanelli serving these areas. There is also exciting potential in linking Llanelly House, Parc Howard, Parish Church, Llanelly Library and the Goods Shed together as part of a cultural and heritage experience. The Parc Howard Association runs tours of the Parc to include the history of the Mansion House, its architecture and artefacts and the fauna and flora of the Parc.

Fostering arts, culture and heritage is not only good for people's wellbeing, but also fits very nicely with duties in Future Generations Act.

Llanelli has the potential to be a cultural capital given that we have Wales' most popular library, a fairly new Theatre and a few art galleries. An arts festival could build on these existing assets and draw footfall to the town.

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