Tech Hub in Town Centre

Tech Hub in Town Centre

A tech hub in Llanelli town centre would offer start-ups the support they need to grow - cheap office space, on-hand support and a chance to work alongside like-minded people in a creative environment. It’s helpful, it's innovative, it'd bring people into the town, and it'd use up some of our empty retail space. (This is an idea that was submitted at the ‘Economic Strategy’ workshop, and has been added to the website by a member of Lee Waters’ team).


extrapolating this idea, it would be good to see an overall push toward the use of technology by local people - particularly the elderly and those who are sometimes isolated and those whose lack of technology experience isolates them

Wales is Ann entrepreneurial nation and any help for small starts ups is to be welcomed and encouraged. With the Swansea Bay city deal having been given the go ahead and the desire to turn the region into a hi-tech hub this idea would position Llanelli to benefit from its proximity to the Bay region

This has worked really well in Swansea ( Wales is brimming with young, technically minded people that have an eye for business. Start-up costs are the number one barrier to establishing an SME. Give them a hand!

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