Community Transport Route Proposals

Community Transport Route Proposals

Help to develop and select community transport routes from villages East of Oxford to supermarkets and other destinations. Vote and leave comments for or against ideas, or come up with your own! Your comments and votes will help decide which routes are piloted in January and February 2020.


Trial for either Route 1A or Route 1C

Route 4: South Oxfordshire Extended Circular

Route 3: South Oxfordshire Circular

Route 6: JR Villager Loop

Route 1 Otmoor to Thornhill P&R Connector Option A

Route 2: Barton and Horspath Shopper

Route 7: Otmoor to Thornhill with Miltons and Haseleys Loop

Route 1: Otmoor to Thornhill P&R Option C

Route 1: Otmoor to Thornhill Connector Option B

Route 5: Wheatley-Horspath-Cowley Connector

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